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The ninth edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival is presented

The Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum has been the venue for the presentation of the 9th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival, the Barcelona Film and Television Sports Festival.

The first words were given by Marta Carranza, President of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and Sport Commissioner of the Barcelona City Council, Jordi Romañach, Director of Communication and External Public Relations of El Corte Inglés -Catalunya-, sponsor of the Festival; Anna Corbella, ambassador and member of the jury of this edition and Joan Porcar, journalist, ex

-motorcycling pilot and Festival ambassador.

Marta Carranza has highlighted the special moments with which this new edition of the festival will count.

The BCN Sports Film will honor important personalities from the world of sports:
Josep Lluís Vilaseca, for his career as a sports leader. Vilaseca is a founding member of the Olympic Foundation of Barcelona, being one of the main promoters of its creation in 1993. Throughout his career he has held various positions: Chairman of the UEFA Legal and Disciplinary Committee, member of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Vice-president of the Olympic Organizing Committee of Barcelona 1992 and General Director of Sports of the Generalitat, among others.

Maria Pau Corominas, in recognition of her sporting career as a pioneer of swimming in Catalonia and Spain. This swimmer became, at only 16 years old, the first Catalan and Spanish woman to be present in an Olympic final, at the Olympic Games of Mexico 68.

Michael Robinson for his dedication to spreading the values of sport, beyond his career as a footballer. Robinson is the presenter of “Robinson Report”, which is characterized by divulging and making visible the situations of real sport in all its areas. In collaboration with the Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Generalitat, the BCN Sports Film Festival wishes to thank its work in the dissemination of sports values.

For this 9th edition, the Festival expands its venues to ten: the Olympic and Sports Museum, the Filmoteca de Catalunya, the Nau Bostik, the Institut Français de Barcelona, the Elizalde House, the Sant Martí Auditorium, the Àsia House , the Colet Museum, the Can Castellet Cinemas of Sant Boi and the Sala Ámbito Cultural El Corte Inglés -Tarragona.

The session named after Nelson Mandela’s famous phrase “Sport has the power to change the World” will be held at the Filmoteca de Catalunya in collaboration with the Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The screening session will be introduced by a forum that will have the presence of:

• Michael Robinson, former sports player and commentator. Co-Director of Refugiadas en el  fútbol
• Manel Vila, General Director of Cooperation for Development
• Jaume Mora, member of the International Sociological Sport Observatory
• Gerard Figueras, General Secretary of Sports of the Generalitat de Catalunya
• Maria Vallès, General Director of Fundació FC Barcelona
• Marta Carranza, President of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation

Among the more than 400 audiovisual registered 82 have been selected for programming 2018 edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival, over 40 of which are première in Catalonia. Several of the films selected, such as Dear Basketball – winner of the Oscar award for best animation short film – also have important international awards.

The Roller Dreams session stands out in collaboration with the organization of the Roller World Cup to be held in Barcelona next year, and will feature an exhibition of Roller Dance at the Olympic Museum.

All the programming and material related to the Festival is available on the web: www.bcnsportfilm.org. The Media can find all the available material in the “Download Area”.

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Joan Porcar, Anna Corbella, Marta Carranza and Jordi Romañach