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Information Note: 11th edition del BCN Sports Film Festival

The direction of the BCN Sports Film Festival informs about the development plan for the 11th edition of the BCN Sports Film.

On the occasion of COVID-19, security measures, capacity and presence in spaces such as museums, cinemas, projection rooms, etc. have been seriously affected. For this reason, the following determination has been made from the direction of the BCN Sports Film Festival.

The school sessions that were projected in the Auditorium of the Olympic Museum will be offered during the months of October, November and December, to the educational centers that had reservations. In order to avoid displacement by children and crowds in the Olympic Museum, these sessions would take place in the educational center. These sessions remain free of charge.

The screening of the sessions open to the general public will be postponed to Jaunary of 2021 with the aim that cinemas, screening rooms, auditoriums, etc. have reached propitious levels of “normality” for the Festival development. During those dates, the winners of the 11th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival will also be announced.