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The Brians Penitentiary Center marks the beginning of the projections

As is tradition, the BCN SPORT FILM has given the starting shot to the projections that will last all week with the visit to one of the Penitentiary Centers of Catalonia. This year has been Brians 1.

Interns of the Center, have been spectators of the documentary of Report Robinson Refugee in the soccer, the stories of five young people who saw their life altered after fleeing from the terrorist group Boko Haram and the overcoming of the trauma through soccer. Self-improvement and the ability to overcome difficulties are the essential core of the work, values ​​that are greatly encouraged in Penitentiary Centers like this one.

Afterwards, those present at the room were able to comment on the most relevant aspects and what interested them most about the screening.

The event was attended by the journalist and sports commentator, Michael Robinson, who has also been the Co-director of the documentary.