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AMINE, Winner of the 10th edition of the BCN Sports Film 2019

The Closing Ceremony of the BCN Sports Film Festival’s 10th Edition, celebrated in the Olympic and Sports Museum Joan Antoni Samaranch, has been the rallying point between the world of cinema, sports, politics and society.

Juli Pernas, Director of the Fundació Barcelona Olímpica was the person who awarded the Amphora Barcelona City to this edition’s best film to Amine, a fiction shortfilm directed by Noha Choukrallah and produced by Thierry Zamparutti, Serge Kestemont and Alexis Taillant.

Amine: While his father wants Amine to become an apnea champion, the 16-year-old is secretly practicing synchronized swimming. Lost between the desire to not disappoint his father and his wish to become what he actually wants to be, Amine must find the courage to accept his choice.

The director Noha Choukrallah has collected the award.

The special award of the jury —Anna Petrus, filmmaker; Luca Dal Molin director of filmmaker  Festivals in Italian; Mònica Amat, responsible person of Museu i Centre d’Estudis de l’Esport Dr. Melcior Colet; Salvador Llopart, film critic journalist in La Vanguardia and Toti Mumbrú, Manager of the Federació Catalana de Bàsquet— was for the movie Le Bout de la Piste / Tracks (France, 2018), directed by Sophie Thouvenin and produced by Karine Blanc, Michel Tavares and Nathalie Landais.

This year the jury awarded three special mentions:

La Sagi, una pionera del Barça, (Catalonia 2018), directed by Francesc Escribano and Josep Serra Mateu and produced by Muntsa Tarrés (Televisió de Catalunya – CCMA S.A), Josep Maria Farràs (FC Barcelona) and David Felani (Minoria Absoluta). The award was given to Maria Teixidor, Secretary of the FC Barcelona Board.

Bakyt, (Kirguizistan, 2017) by directed and produced by Meerim Dogdurbekova

L’Enfant Chameau / The Camel Boy (França, 2018) by Chabname Zariâb and produced by Bien ou Bien Productions.

The other awards were:

Award for best Catalan production

El primer bowl (Catalonia, 2019) directed by Jordi Bentanachs and produced by Televisió de Catalunya – CCMA S.A . Vángelis Villar, BCN Sports Film Festival organization committee gave the award to Jordi Bentanachs Sanz, Txus Villanova i Miquel Angel Navajas.

Award for best documentary production

La Grand-Messe / Holy Tour (Belgium and France, 2018), directed by Valéry Rosier and Méryl Fortunat-Rossi and produced by Benoît Roland (Wrong Men), Emmanuel Georges and François Ladsous (Supermouche Productions).

Bárbara Destefanis, BCN Sports Film selection committee member, gave the award to Valéry Rosier.

Award for best fiction film

Il Mondiale in piazza (Italian, 2018) directed by Vito Palmieri. A production by Ivan Olgiati.

Azahara Moyano, BCN Sports Film selection committee member gave the award to Adam Selo, director to the Elenfant Distribution

Award for best film of adventure sports – ÁLVARO BULTÓ

Ashmina (Nepal, 2018) directed by Dekel Berenson. Produced by Dekel Berenson, Merlin Merton and Dominic Davey.

Award for best animated film

Mercurio (Italian, 2018) directed and produced by Michele Bernardi.

Michele Bernardi expressed his gratitude via videoconference.

Espartac Peran was the master of ceremony in this 10th Edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival.