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The school sessions of the BCN Sports Film Festival approach the Educational Centers

Due to the current situation due to COVID-19 the organization of the BCN Sports Film Festival has decided that:

  • All sessions will be free.
  • The sessions will be held during the months of October, November and Decemberfrom Monday to Friday at the Educational Centers or from Tuesday to Friday at the Olympic Museum (main venue of the festival).
  • To avoid crowds in those Educational Centers in and around Barcelona that wish to request the session at their Educational Center.

The pedagogical dossiers developed by FILMCLUBwill be sent to them and on the day “to be determined” an educator will come to the Center with the requested session. In the event that the session takes place at the Olympic Museum, remember that it also includes a visit to the space for free.

One of the objectives of the BCN Sports Film Festival is to teach to enjoy and learn through sport. These sessions are made up of international audiovisual projections, which show the various realities of the world through sport.

The main objective of these school screenings is to reflect on issues such as immigration, health, stereotypes, bullying, performance or gender diversity. For this we have the collaboration of FILMCLUB, an entity that promotes audiovisual learning, which has collaborated by developing the pedagogical dossiers according to the themes and ages of each session:

  • Session 1: 6 to 8 years old: Fellowship, teamwork, non-discrimination, tolerance, values, etc.
  • Session 2: from 9 to 10 years old: Gender, solidarity, sport as a game (not competitiveness), etc.
  • Session 3: 11 to 12 years old: Managing emotions, companionship, bullying, overcoming, etc.
  • Session 4: from 13 to 14 years old: family relationships, bullying, tolerance, affirmation of the person (gender), etc.
  • Session 5: from 15 to 16 years old: sport as a model of learning in society, integration, gender, effort, etc.
  • Session 6: 17 years old:Self-affirmation, empathy, respect, perseverance, effort, etc.

An easy and fun way to learn!.

Those institutes or schools that are interested can be contacted through the email: :

*The BCN Sports Film reserves the right to allocate sessions.