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bcnsportsfilm 2018

Registations are now closed!


The Barcelona Olympic Foundation, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, organizes the BCN Sports Film 2018 – 9th BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL FICTS FESTIVAL. The event is sponsored by FICTS – Fédération Internationale de Cinéma et Télévision Sportifs and forms part of the WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE 2018.
The BCN Sports Film 2018 will be held in Barcelona from 2nd to 6th May 2018.

This s ninth edition of the Festival will have a competitive nature.

These Rules & Regulations have been approved by the BCN Sports Film 2018 Organising Committee.

Your taking part in BCN Sports Film 2018 implies the total acceptance of these regulations.



One of the principal objectives of BCN Sports-Film 2018 is to bring the general public into contact with sports-orientated audiovisual content and the values that they represent. Whilst offering the media, film directors, producers and specialised distributors a meeting place in which they can exchange views and information.



The BCN Sports Film 2018 is open to all those productions in which the principal subject matter is that of sport in all its forms and disciplines.
Genres included: animated films, documentaries and fiction, from shorts to feature length films, no time limit.



BCN Sports Film 2018 is open to both professional and independent productions.
BCN Sports Film 2018 will admit all films premiered from January 2016.
Each producer may present as many films as he wishes as long as they comply with all other regulations.
BCN Sports Film 2018 may programme non-competing films of general interest whatever their date of production.



The BCN Sports Film 2018 Organising Committee will appoint the official Festival jury.
The BCN Sports Film 2018 jury will comprise popular personalities drawn from the worlds of sport, cinema, audiovisual production and culture. All their decisions and verdicts are final and without recourse.



Selected Films will be competing for:

  • The City of Barcelona Amphora for the best film
  • Award for the best Catalan production
  • Award for the best adventure sports film – Álvaro Bultó
  • Award for the best fiction film
  • Award for the best documentary
  • Award for the best animated film
The BCN Sports Film 2018 official jury may make as many special awards as they deem fit.
Festival sponsors may endow other awards with prizes in cash or kind.
The City of Barcelona Amphora for the best film and the Jury’s Special Award are endowed with a prize of € 1000.All other awards are endowed with a prize of € 500.



Inscriptions will be accepted from 15th November 2017 till 28th February 2018, both inclusive.

Each participant shall have submitted the registration form and video through: (read cost here) or (read cost here) or (cost: € 2) before 28th February 2018.



The Organizing Committee will notify participants by email and before 31st March 2018 should film have been selected for the BCN Sports Film 2018 official competition.
Other promotional material may be requested by the organisation.
The organisation will provide the subtitles in Catalan or Spanish for exclusive use during the event.



Those films selected to participate will be projected as scheduled in the Festival Programme.
Films selected to compete will form part of the documentary and video-graphical material of the Library of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation where public exhibition in the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic Museum, (headquarters of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation) will be strictly limited to educational activities and as a means to increase public awareness of the Festival.
Winning films may be shown free of charge for the promotion of BCN Sports Film Festival at any of the other Olympic Museums in the world.
Winning films will be eligible to participate in the final international stages of the WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE . The winners explicitly authorise the BCN Sports Film 2018 Organising Committee to provide their contact information to the Organising Committees of the other WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE Festivals.
Under no circumstances will projection rights be granted to third parties without prior, express, written consent of the producers or their legal representatives.
Participants also authorise the Organising Committee to partially reproduce their films in the media with the aim of promoting the Festival.