We’ll be waiting for you at the 2018 Annual BCN Sports Film Festival

May 22, 2017

The 2017 BCN Sports Film Festival has drawn to a close and we would like to thank all those who took part,  contributors, sponsors, media, public, guests and, above all, everyone who made this 8th Annual Event so special and successful.

 The fact that over 400 productions from more than 40 countries took part goes to show the solid international basis of this festival. Here and now, the BCN Sports Film is the world leading showcase for sports related audiovisual productions, of whatever format or genre.

 The final programme comprised 80 films which were scheduled in the 9 official venues in which the Festival took place:  the Olympic Museum; Sala Àmbit Cultural – El Corte Inglés; La Casa Elizalde; the civic centres of Fort Pienc and Santa Martí, Cimemas Girona in Barcelona; Can Castellet in Sant Boi, the 5th District Library in Terrassa and the Ponent Library in Sabadell.

 The matinees were filled with over 2,000 school children who were especially appreciative of the cartoon features.

 This year’s event was also imbued with the aura of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the ‘92 Olympic Games that were held in Barcelona. They served to pay tribute to personalities related to the Games including: Pasqual Maragall; Guillermo Cabezas; Joan Palau Francàs and the sports personalities: Jesús Ángle García Bragado and Miriam Blasco and, last but by no means least, our patron: Natalia Vía-Defresne.

 Finally, we must extend our thanks to personalities from the media world such as Paloma del Río, José Ramón Díez and Isidoro Moreno and all those directors and producers that have taken part in the Festival.

We look forward to seeing you all next year and don’t forget to keep up with developments on our social media outlets and website.

 Thanks to all!

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