100×100 Sport

May 11, 2017

The Sala Polivalent has been testimony to a very special session dedicated to sports for the disabled; 100×100 Sport. Albert Font, President of Àrea Adaptada Association, has introduced this session.

The pieces that have been screened are; We’re the Superhumans, Video that captures the essence of the Paralympic spirit, and celebrates both individual and collective capabilities in all aspects of life.   All the way is a film about all over the world athletes’ life styles and mindsets. The Slow Life: Raúl Micó: portrays the positive life of someone that has found his reason. Frío is a promotional video for the documentary, Jarabe contra el cancer, in which we can see singer Pau Donés reconnecting with himself. Under the Wave, is a very short film that shows a surfer that gets trapped bellow the waves. Para-Riders in Río, explains Karen Darke’s and Hannah Dines’ intimate sensations on being Paralympic Athletes. Ari reaches auto acceptance in front of his classmates by getting okay with being shy, obese, and bad in sports. Lastly, Rollcali which emphasizes the need of always trying no matter what.

All the participants have been able to enjoy films starred by al around athletes for whom self-improvement and fighting a constant battle is their common factor.

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