Barcelona Sport Film Festival


For this new celebration, the BCN Sports Film Festival has assembled a distinguished jury of outstanding personalities from the worlds of sport, film, and culture who also have ties to the audiovisual universe.

Andrea Trepat, actriu

Andrea Trepat, ACTRESS

Andrea started working as a television reporter in her home town of Lleida. She studied acting in Barcelona, London and Madrid.

She has worked in a number of TV programs such as “Zoo” (a soap set in a zoo), “Ermessenda” (a TV drama about the Catalan heroine Queen of the same name) and “Pelotas” (a comedy series, “Balls”, about a local football team) and she took part in the making of the video for the Love of Lesbian song. Domingo Astromántico (Astromantic Sunday).

In the cinema she has taken part in a number of shorts, the most important of which is “Morir cada dia” (To Die Every Day. She has been awarded several prizes and nominated for the Goya Awards (the Spanish Oscars)in 2012. Thanks to these roles she won the award for Best Actress at Festivals such as AISGE and Version Española in 2011.

At present the feature film “Insert Coin” and the interactive series “Treasure Hunt”, in both of which she is the leading actress, are awaiting release.

What do you expect from a good sports documentary?I would expect to see the world of sport from inside, those aspects that bring us closer to the feelings and daily life of the sportsman.



Beatrice Coletti is Channel Director at Babel, Sky Italy Channel 141, the first and only television network dedicated to the main foreign communities living in Italy.

Beatrice began her television career in 1992 and worked in Italian and international producers and television networks including Nippon TV, Asahi TV, Fuji TV, MTV Italia and Aran. In 2000 she began her professional specialization in start-ups, launches and television platform restructuring and worked with some of the biggest television brands in Italy - development and launch of "Salute e Benessere Channel" (Gruppo Il Sole 24), executive producer (Disney Channel Italia), Head of Production and Fox Life, and the launch of Fox Crime (Fox International Channels Italy), Head of Production News and Sports and the launch of La 7 Sports (La 7 Televisioni), Channel Director (Dahlia TV).

Beatrice, you have been with us in the first edition of the BCN Sports Film. What does the festival mean for you?BCN Sports Film gives us the opportunity to relive the emotion when sport is shown in beautiful moving images, required viewing for all of us who love sport and its values as well as an appreciation of cinema and documentaries d'auteur.



Born in Toulouse, Bruno is a passionate follower of “sliding sport” and audiovisual language.

In the realm of TV, he has worked as an executive producer with Coyote, the largest independent producer in France and with Réservoir Productions.

He has also been involved in the creation of a number of TV Channels, such as: TNTV – Tahiti Niu Télévision and Clermont 1ére. and several projects to stimulate the development of the French audiovisual industry.

His two passions come together when he founds and organisers the International Surf Film Festival., the ninth edition of which will be held in Anglet in July of this year. And the International FreeRide Film Festival at Saint Lary Soulan in December of 2012. The collaboration between the two festivals has created significant synergies between the two towns and a ocean-mountain axis with has benefited both events.

What kind of requirements should meet a quality sports movie?Imaginative scenes well seasoned with action all combined with elegance and style. A well written script has to be filmed from novel angles, spiced with an excellent orchestration and backed up with an outstanding post production.



At the very early age of 7, Ot Pí started riding motocross. After an accident, he never rode a motorbike again, but practised copying his idols on his bike in the backyard. It was then that his father, Pere Pi who had been the Spanish motocross and trial champion, had the idea that one could develop a new sport from his son's stunts in the backyard. Thus it was that, with the help of Montesa, a new sport was born: trialsin (trial without an engine).

In 1982, Ot became Spanish junior champion which signified the beginning of an outstanding career which led him to become recognised as the best ever Spanish cyclist.

In 1989, he won his first indoor world cup and went to Japan for the first time as the guest of the President of the Biketrial International Union, Hiroshi Hirano. He is idolised as a hero in Japan and has his own museum and a park named after him.

In 1991, he created the Ot Pi Biketrial Club which has organised more than 100 competitions and the Biketrial World Cup.

From then on he has won several world championships and beaten a number of records. Amongst them the Guinness for long-jump and stair-climbing in buildings, including the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai in 2008.

He was awarded the la Medalla del Orden del Mérito Deportivo (The Medal of the Order of Sports Merit) and accepted it from the hands of Princess Cristina.

What do you expect from sports-themed audiovisual productions?I expect to see new proposals, stories to surprise us and clear messages. First of all the sports content, spectacular images, imaginative shots and an original plot and, above all, it should keep them rooted to their seats and alert at all times.



She earned a Degree in Sciences of Information, majoring in Journalism. With many years of experience as a journalist and commentator, she has also directed a number of sports programmes for TVE (N.T. Spanish public TV broadcaster) such as: Cerca de las Estrellas [Close to the Stars] (1989-1990); Deporte Verano [Summer Sport] (1990); Via Olímpica [Olympic Road] (ADO Programme 1996, 1990-1993). ADO is the Association of Olympic Sports. And Olímpicos [Olympians] ADO Programme Beijing 2008, April 2005-August 2008).

She has covered all the Summer Olympic Games since 1998: Seoul 1988; Barcelona 1992; Atlanta 1996; Sydney 2000; Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. % Winter Olympics (Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998, Salt Lake City 2002, Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010) making her the Spanish sports journalist who has covered most Games.

In October 2011, the the Sports Board awarded her the silver medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit and, in 2012, the TV Talent Prize awarded by the Academy of Television.

She has been awarded several prizes, such as the “Premio Ondas” which she shared with the rest of the TVE team. The prize was given for their coverage of several Olympic Games. The Community of Madrid also awarded her Second Prize in their literary competition: Premio de Novela Joven (Young Novelists) in 1982.

Paloma, you were part of the jury in last year's edition. How was your experience?Being a member of the jury at the BCN Sports Film Festival has opened a window on the world of sports film production. Immersed in the day-to-day work in television, you often lose your perspective of what is happenig in other fields and sports, especially newly emerging specialities. It was like a breath of fresh air which afforded me new ideas for my daily work with, at time, a little jealousy for how the story had been covered, nonetheless, all the productions have, for one reason or another, enriched my viewpoint. I have the greatest respect and admiration for all those brave souls who have submitted shorts; whether this be the imagination of the plot, in many cases, the humour, the ingenious approaches and the versatility with which the world of sport is depicted.

Tue Steen Müller

Tue Steen Müller, CONSULTOR

Born in Denmark in 1947, Tue has worked for more than 20 years at the Danish Film Board (Statens Filmcentral) and has been the director of the EDN (European Documentary Network) since its foundation in 1996.

A jury member at numerous festivals and a prestigious writer for many international newspapers and magazines, he has given documentary courses and seminars in more than 40 countries. In 2004 awarded the Danish Roos Prize for his contribution to the Danish and European documentary culture. Given the EDN Life Achievement Award 2005.

From 2006 free-lance consultant and teacher at film-schools in Danish and European documentary affairs. Until 2009 Head of Studies at the IDF Ex Oriente documentary programme for Eastern European documentarians.

From 2010, Head of Pitching Forum of DocsBarcelona which he co-founded in 1997. Writes about documentaries in English on

What kind of requirements should meet a quality sports movie? A good film about sports should meet the requirements of any other (documentary) film. It should be: engaging, structured, informative, maybe, also emotional, and use the wonderful language of the cinema in a professional way. Surprises are welcome, boring visual lectures are not.