By taking part in the 2015 SPOTSPORT Competition you implicitly accept and agree to abide by the following Terms & Conditions:


The Barcelona Olympic Foundation (FBO) domiciled in Barcelona, Avinguda de l’Estadi, 60 and VAT Nº G-60309655 is organising the 2015 SPOTSPORT Competition with the aim of producing a twenty second (20’’) video to promote the 6th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival and which will form the basis of the publicity campaign.


One of the goals of the initiative is to stimulate the active participation of the public in the 6th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival, which will be held from 5th to 9th May 2015 and we encourage young directors from schools, universities and specialised audiovisual centres of Catalonia to take part.


Spots can be submitted from 1st October 2014 till 15th February 2015 at 23:59.


  • 1. The winner of the competition will be awarded a cash prize of € 1,000.
  • 2. The prize will be presented during the closing ceremony of the 6th BCN Sports Film Festival on 9th May 2015.
  • 3. The FBO will withhold all taxes as legally prescribed and will advise the Tax Authorities of all monies paid out. For tax purposes, the prize-winner will be provided with a certificate specifying amounts withheld.


1. Participation is free of charge.

2. To take part in the competition you must:

3. Participants are allowed to submit one entry only.

4. Participants are responsible for the accuracy of information provided and the FBO reserves the right to exclude any user who is considered to have falsified data or submitted them incorrectly, without prejudice of any legal actions that may be considered pertinent.

5. As far as participation is concerned only forms correctly completed with all required fields will be admitted.

6. Any participant not complying with any of these Terms & Conditions will be automatically excluded.

7. All videos submitted must be unpublished originals to which the participant owns sole rights.

8. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain all pertinent authorisations for use of the images, voices and names of the persons who appear in the video, as well as the music which may be used. Any minors appearing shall be explicitly authorised by their parents or legal guardians. All the aforementioned authorisations will permit FBO to use the videos submitted as they see fit and on all the media in which the Festival is be promoted.

9. No employees of the FBO, sister companies nor any person or entity associated with or servicing this competition may take part.

10. The FBO will not admit videos which they deem:

  • (I) To contain offensive or to be contrary to the spirit of the FBO.
  • (II) To contain reference to violence, sex or drugs.
  • (III) May or might infringe the rights of authors, copyright, licence or any third party rights.

The FBO reserves the right to evaluate the possible offensive character of the material submitted.


1. Total length of the video shall be 20 seconds (20”).

2. General Specifications:

  • - Resolution: between 720 and 1020 p.
  • - One of the following formats:.mov /.mpeg /.avi (if possible with H264 compression).
  • - Maximum file size: 2 GB.


1. The jury will comprise members of the BCN Sports Film Festival Organising Committee and the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sport Museum and will award to prize for the originality of the idea behind the project, the coherence of the production and the promotional goals of the video.

2. The prize may be declared void should none of the videos fulfil the objectives of the competition.

3. There shall be one single winner who will be advised within 15 working days of the 15th February 2015 deadline.

4. The winner shall accept the prize in writing within 15 working days from the date of communication.

5. Should the FBO be unable to contact the winner within the specified deadlines, or should the winner decline the prize, all rights shall be forfeited. The FBO will then award the prize to the reserves in the order in which the jury shall have classified the videos submitted.

6. The prize-winner expressly authorises the FBO to use his name in any communication connected to the competition.


1. Notwithstanding the author’s moral rights, unlimited worldwide rights in aeternum to the video shall be granted to the FBO for exhibition in whatsoever form or support (television, on-line channels) and any such platform the FBO may decide.

Specifically, the winner grants the FBO all rights to reproduce, modify, dub, distribute and make public in all supports and using any distribution or image techniques. These rights refer to the complete video or parts thereof with the sole limitation as specified in the Royalties Laws however the video may be exhibited and expressly including Internet and works derived there from.

The prize awarded is considered the payment for the rights granted in the preceding paragraph, thus the winner shall have no further claim on the FBO.

2. Ulterior use of the video by the FBO or delegated entities includes the obligation to identify the author unless expressly constrained not to do so. The credits shall include the complete name of the producer.

3. The participants guarantee that:

  • a) They are the owners of the videos submitted or have acquired exclusive licence to use the video in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.
  • b) That they own all licences, royalty and industrial rights, rights for the use of the images of third persons that may appear in the video and the music therein.
  • c) Are authorised to grant these rights to the FBO for all the uses as set out in these Terms & Conditions in paragraph VIII. 1.

Furthermore, the participants agree to indemnify the FBO or authorised third parties for any action or claim for the infringements of rights that may arise from the use of this material.


1) In accordance with the laws protecting personal data, the participants are hereby informed that any personal data communicated in connection with this competition will be used by the FBO to manage and administer the competition and award the prize.

Additionally, such data may be used to keep the participants up to date of news, promotions, competitions, products and services of the FBO. Such notifications shall include electronic communications.

Participants who have sent us their data may exercise their right to access, rectification, deletion and opposition by sending an e-mail to communication@bcnsportsfilm.org. They may also write to the FBO at the above specified domicile in terms as specified by the “Llei Orgànica de Protecció de Dades de Caràcter Personal” (Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data).

2. Participation in the competition presupposes explicit acceptance of the treatment of the personal data provided to the ends as communicated by the FBO.


Any conflicts that may arise from the interpretation of these Clauses shall be resolved by the Arbitration Courts of Barcelona and to this end; both the FBO and the participants renounce their own jurisdictions.

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