May 9, 2014

A distinguished member of the board of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, Maria Teresa Samaranch, presented the winning film, CASCADA, with the Amphora of the City of Barcelona, as the best Film in the 5th BCN Sports Film Festival. This is documentary from the States by Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong and produced by Shannon Ethridge (4 Collective, Forge Motion Pictures). The film recounts the search in the Mexican jungle for the perfect waterfall and the perfect camera shot.

The jury (Ana María Bordas, director in RTVE in Catalonia, Meri Farnell, independent producer and film director, Carlos Marañon, editor of the magazine Cinemanía, and Javier Moracho, former sportsman and commentator on Eurosport, awarded the special Jury Prize to 9 METERS (Denmark 2012) produced by Tivi Magnusson (M&M Productions) and directed by Anders Walter.

Prize for the best Catalan Production

IMPARABLES, a Richard Calvani (Black Train Films) production of the Daniel Jarod (Catalonia) film.

Prize for the best documentary production

STEPS – A JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF CLIMATE CHANGE, A Swiss Ride Greener production of the Philip Eyer and Stephan Hermann film.

Prize for the best fiction film (Ex aequo)

MATILDE, an Italian production by Vito Palmieri, AGFA (Associazione Genitori Figli Audiolesi) and Maxman Coop of Vito Palmieri’s film.

30 MINUTES PAR JOUR, a Belgian production by Samuel Lampaert (VISU-1) of his own film.

Prize for the best short

ASCENSION, a French production by Isabelle Aubin (Supinfocom Arles) of the film by Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudehove, Caroline Domergue, Coli Laubry and Florian Vecchione.

Prize for the best animated film

HASTA SANTIAGO, A Swiss/French Nicolas Burlet production of the Mauro Carraro film.

Prize for the best adventure sports film

ICE, a USA production by Barry Stevenson (Outside Adventure Media) of his own film.

Prize for the best film about sport and solidarity

MEIN WEG NACH OLYMPIA, a German production by Ingo Fleiss of the Niko von Glasow film.

Prize for the best report

CALCIO STORICO, a Catalan production by David Airob and David Ramos of their own film.

FILMETS the Badalona Film Festival prize for human and sports values

NADADOR, a Catalan production by Lita Roig, Aintz Serra and Sergi Casamitjana (Escándalo Films, S.L.) of the Dani de la Orden film.

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