BCN Sports Film Festival is on you want

May 6, 2015

Sala Àmbit Cultural el Corte Inglés has debuted in this 6th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival,  and it has done with session “Curts non Stop” a short films marathon.

The act, presented by Barbara Destefanis,has has counted on the participation of Pasqual Fita Planells, producer of “Primero las personas”, Nacho Casado, director of the production “El paseo de los melancólicos” and the protagonist of the film  “The runner”. They have presented their work to the audience.

Also is remarkable the presentation of “Sprint to the past”, first russian production in the BCN Sports Film Festival.

The attendees to the Sala Àmbit Cultural, have also been able to enjoy the animated short film “Toy Racer” and the film “Spirit of Titans”.

 Thursday, May 7th at 19 p.m the Sala Àmbit Cultural el Corte Inglés, will accept another marathon of short films again.

Torrebarrina, festival secondary venue, also started his thematic sessions.

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